About Us

HACIZADE is a Istanbul headquartered turkish delight, halva , fruit jams , cookie , roasted nuts and dried fruits manufacturer company headquartered in Turkey, İstanbul, and a wholly owned subsidiary of OZGURLER SEKERLEME Limited. It is the largest turkish delight , cookie , halva , roasted nuts and dried fruits manufacturer company in the Turkey and the company with the biggest market share in in many countries of the world.

HACIZADE was founded in İstanbul in 1971 by İbrahim Halil Özgür as a home-based operation supplying sweet delights and turkish delight to the local neighbourhood. It has since grown to over export across 22 countries. In addition to its retail brand, HACIZADE wholesales turkish delights and nuts under other brands.


İbrahim Halil Özgür founded a home-based sweet and turkish delight small factory in Turkey, İstanbul, in 1971, supplying local households. HACIZADE branched out to retailing turkish delight and halva in the 1990s when its first store opened in İstanbul , Turkey .

In 1999, Yakup Özgür, the son of İbrahim Halil Özgür joined the business and started the expansion. In 2009, HACIZADE Celebrated its export to the 25th country in the world. In December 2013, HACIZADE received the title of Turkey’s largest Turkish delight exporter By the end of 2014, the company became the most participating food producer in international exhibitions from Turkey


HACIZADE has become the most well-known and sought-after brand of local and ethnic markets in many countries of the world, and has the largest market share in the United States, Canada and England.

It has delivered Turkey’s agricultural products to the end consumer in the healthiest way with today’s techniques and hygienic production factory.


Transferring the Traditional Tastes from History to the Present to New Generations with Innovative and Innovative Presentations and Different Gourmet Tastes is to present them to their liking.


Presenting Turkey’s products produced in agriculture for centuries with new technology and clean packaging to the end consumer

Making the Traditional Tastes of Our History and Our Country Reachable in Markets and Markets in All Countries of the World

Contributing to Our Country’s Exports and Economy

Presenting Our Historical and Traditional Tastes to Our Customers in High Quality and the Most Delicious Form

Making New Generations Love Turkish Delight, Traditional Anatolian Dried Fruits and Roasted Nuts,

Creating New Job and Production Opportunities by Contributing to Employment in our country and in many countries of the world